A New Year and New Uniforms

With the start of each new year, most people adopt the philosophy of “out with the old and in with the new.”

At Anchor Screen Printing, we have a similar philosophy, but it’s with uniform shirts. With each new year, we believe it’s a wise practice to evaluate the status of your printed or embroidered work shirts.

Are they looking dingy? Are they faded? Do they look old?

If so, it’s a good idea to replace them to help keep you and your employees looking professional. Whether you have screen printed t-shirts or embroidered polos, we’d love help you.

Maybe it’s time to switch up your shirt style for a more modern and casual look. Or perhaps you want to go the opposite way and opt for a nicer, more traditional button-up shirt. No matter what your shirt style is, we have thousands of options to uniform your staff.

Our job is to make you look good. For help outfitting your staff with new work shirts, simply contact us by clicking the “Request a Quote” button below.

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Holiday Shirts

The holidays came faster this year.  At least it felt that way. Everybody is in holiday mode preparing for family visits, vacations, parties, and other holiday-related events.

Often you realized your company holiday event is right around the corner and you need screen printed shirts. Anchor Screen Printing is here to help!

Whether you want a conservative festive shirt design or a wild, ugly sweater print on your t-shirts, give us a call. We’ll help you with all the details such as recommending the most comfortable shirts to the designing the art.

The holidays can be stressful enough without you having to stress about your company holiday t-shirts. Let us handle the details. We’ll find the best shirt style to fit your needs, design to your specifications, and present a proof for you to approve. You can go about planning the rest of your holiday events without the added stress of micromanaging the details of your holiday shirt order.

The Anchor crew on the scene at Z-Bash!

The Anchor crew hit up the scene at Z-Bash thanks to an invite from Lisa Captain at Cumulus Media (we love her btw). Angel even won an awesome prize pack! 

We had the pleasure of meeting Deede, the lovable “Director of First Impressions” & Hayden, the voice we all know from Z96! Hayden was sporting a PINK (Anchor printed) tee in support of Strides Against Breast Cancer. His goal is to raise $2,500 in Oct. Today’s the last day for donations so show some love & tune in to Z96

Z96: https://www.facebook.com/z96fwb/

Making Strides of the Emerald Coast: https://www.facebook.com/makingstridesontheemeraldcoast

Not All Screen Printers Are Created Equal

If you look hard enough, you can always find a cheaper option for your screen printed t-shirts. But you may not want to, and here’s why:

Not all screen printers are equal.

There is a cost associated with good quality screen printed shirts. Those quality shirts can last for many years. By going with the “cheap guys,” you will pay in the end due to shirts that are quickly discarded. This completely defeats the purpose of buying t-shirts printed with your logo.

Just because two seemingly similar businesses offer the same “service” doesn’t mean the quality is the same. Yes, we know in your mind, you thought you were doing yourself a solid by “saving money.” However, in the long run, you are costing yourself much more. 

Below are only a few of the areas you will likely be sacrificing if you choose to go with those “cheap” screen printing quotes you received.

  • We’ve all received those screen printed shirts that look great at first glance….until you wash them that first time. After that, the ink immediately starts peeling and cracking. So what do you do? You throw it away. This happens because cheap, low quality ink was used or the shirts were not dried at the right temperature.
  • Blurry print on the t-shirts. Screen printers should understand the garbage in-garbage out rule. If the artwork used to print isn’t a good quality, the outcome will not be good. It’s as simple as that. Preparing the artwork properly not only takes time, but it takes skill. Most of the “cheap” screen printers have no talent for dealing with artwork, therefore, they use the art that is supplied to them because they don’t have the ability to manipulate it. The fact is most artwork given to screen printers for printing has to be redrawn or manipulated in some way to print properly.
  • Color registration is off. If printing multiple colors on a shirt, a separate screen for each color must be used for printing. Lining up each screen is a time-consuming process. Part of the process includes a test print (or 2 or 3 until the screen are to make sure the print is right. If the screens are off by a fraction of a centimeter, the colors will be misaligned on the shirt. Experienced screen printers can register these colors to perfection.  Without investing this time for each job, subpar screen printers are able to price lower than competitors because machine setup is faster, however, the outcome will be ugly and everyone will notice.
  • Inconsistent ink coverage. This most often happens from small-time screen printers who use a manual press. The beginning of your batch looks great, but their arms tire out quickly causing them to not use the right amount of pressure to squeeze the ink through the screen onto the shirt. Automatic presses (like we have at Anchor), on the other hand, offer a consistent pressure so all of the shirts have a similar ink coverage.
  • Crooked prints on your shirt. Inexperienced screen printers haven’t mastered the art of centering a t-shirt on the printing plate. And it shows with the final products with crooked prints on your shirts.

Is saving a few cents per shirt really worth forgoing quality? Our answer is a firm NO. That’s why we strive for high quality screen printing at a fair price. The screen printed t-shirts you buy from us will continue to advertise for your business for a long time. 

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The Benefits of Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

First of all, let’s answer the question, “What is Direct to Garment printing?”

Just as it sounds, Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a process in which a specialized printer is used to print your design directly on a garment, as opposed to screen printing which uses individual screens for each color to print multiple layers of ink on the garment. DTG prints the image on the shirt with one pass. DTG is not a heat press application, but an actual full color print directly printed on garments.

While screen printing provides a very, durable printing process (when done correctly), it also has a few downsides, such as higher minimum quantities required for printing due to the time required to setup the machine and higher prices for printing multiple colors. Direct to garment (DTG) printing can be the answer when screen printing isn’t right for your project.

Below you’ll find a few advantages of Direct to Garment Printing. If any of these fit your needs, give us a call to get your shirts printed by DTG.

7 Reasons to Use Direct to Garment Printing

  1. No minimum quantities. You can get as few as 1 shirt printed.
  2. DTG is full color. Whether you need 1 color printed or 50 colors printed in your design, they’re all included at no extra charge.
  3. Print photos. Are you looking to print a funny picture of a friend for a prank? Maybe a photo of grandbabies printed on a t-shirt for a gift? DTG is the answer.
  4. Vibrant print colors. The print quality is outstanding allowing vivid ink colors. Check out a few examples of DTG printing here.
  5. Fast production. For small quantities, production can be much quicker than screen printing, because there is less machine and art prep time for printing.
  6. Amazing detail. If your design has fine details, DTG is a great choice because your artwork will print vividly. 
  7. Large imprint area. Your design can print as large as 14″ W x 16″ H on the front and/or back of the shirts.

As you can see, Direct to Garment printing can be very handy when you need fast service for a small quantity of a full color t-shirts.

Contact us now about DTG printing.

The Case For High Quality Event T-Shirts

Each year, we print thousands of screen printed t-shirts for festivals, 5k runs, and other large events. Many of our customers ask for the cheapest shirt in order to fit within their budget.

However, is cheaper better? We don’t think so, especially when talking about t-shirts.

Here’s Why High Quality T-shirts Are Better Than Cheap Tees

Everyone has their favorite t-shirts they wear on events and weekends. Whether going shopping or going out for a casual dinner, one of your favorite shirts often makes the cut.

But why? There are typically two main reasons why most people have favorite shirts.

  1. You love the style and fit of the shirt. This is the top reason why screen printed t-shirts are worn over and over again. It all comes down to comfort. We all want to be comfortable. You can opt for a soft, ring-spun cotton t-shirt or an even softer tri-blend t-shirt. The basic, rough cotton t-shirts are outdated and out-of-style. By spending a few extra dollars per shirt, you are investing in walking advertisements for your event or company. 
  2. You love the design on the shirt. You may love the message printed on the shirt, or you may love the art on the shirt. This is why it’s worth spending money on a great design. Yes, your logo is very cool, but alone it is most likely not cool enough. After all, most logos aren’t a beloved brand like Apple. However, even with an amazing design, if you print it on an uncomfortable and un-stylish t-shirt, you are doing your design (and company) a great disservice. The shirt won’t be worn nearly as often as it would be if it were printed on a stylish and comfortable shirt.

Most of us have quite a few of those free t-shirts we have received in the past, but we never wear them. Right now they are stuffed in the bottom of a rarely opened drawer. Why do we keep them? You never know when we need a t-shirt to wear when we repaint the house or change the oil in the car. No one will see us wearing the shirt. Therefore, the company who initially gave out the shirt is getting a much lower return on investment since others aren’t seeing the printing on the shirts. 

So next time you begin planning your big event, budget a little more for event t-shirts which will be worn over and over again. People attending your festival, run, concert, or other event are expecting comfortable t-shirts. Maybe you have to charge a few extra bucks or so for the event to cover the cost of a premium t-shirts, but it will be worth it for both you and the shirt recipients.

If you need help choosing a super-comfortable shirt, our staff at Anchor Screen Printing can help you. Our options and expertise run deep. We look forward to setting you up with a trendy style and a great design, which will help make your event more successful and result in happier customers. Let the walking billboards begin advertising for your company or event!

Below are a few cool shirts from past customers who understand the power of high quality shirts and design.


You Are What You Wear

Since you were a small toddler, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.”

Well, we believe the same principle applies to your company shirts. (Check out some of our work!)

Some businesses allow their employees wear practically anything during their work day with no actual dress code enforced. And for the most part, employees dress respectfully. However, there’s always that rebel wearing the t-shirt with an inappropriate phrase on it or the office diva who’s very proud to show off too much skin. With no dress code, you often find employees all along the spectrum from sloppily attired to dressed to the nines.

This inconsistency in dress can be confusing to customers and potential customers. Inappropriate shirts (or pants) can be offensive and turn away potential big sales. A sloppily dressed employee can emit the feeling that your entire company is sloppy. Customers may be refrain from asking a question because they aren’t quite sure if that person is an employee, causing you to lose a sale.

First impressions are so important, and that’s why professional company work shirts are vital for a positive first impression.

But don’t mistake “professional company work shirts” for stuffy and boring.

You can have very stylish and hip shirts that are professional. You can even have screen printed t-shirts that look amazing, are comfortable to wear, and make great work uniforms. Creating a unique look for your company uniforms can really help you stand out to your customers. Uniforms help instill an instant trust and help create an initial sense of competence for your customers. Plus, they make your employees easily identifiable for your clientele.

We are here to help you choose the best possible company shirts to represent your brand. And equally important, we will help you find a shirt style in which you will be comfortable and look great wearing. We will assist you in finding those uniform shirts that you don’t dread putting on in the morning when you get read for work.

Click here for more information about Embroidered Shirts.

Click here if you are interested in more information about Screen Printed Shirts.

Please feel free to give us a call at 850.243.4200 or contact us if you have questions.

Prepare Ahead For Your Spring Event T-Shirts

Custom Event T-Shirts - Fort Walton Beach - Destin

It may be cold now, but in a few short months Spring will bring its warmth. The season of outdoor events will begin on the Emerald Coast. Every weekend will be filled with festivals, 5K races, and other fun outdoor events.

Anyone attending an event wants a t-shirt commemorating that event, right? Attendees have come to expect it. If it’s a race, a custom race shirt is typically included with registration. However, for festivals, guests are willing to shell out big bucks if the event shirts have a great design.

Shirt Style Is Important

We love helping our customers not only with great design, but also with choosing the perfect shirt to print your design. You see, a comfortable and stylish shirt is very important if you want them to continue to be wear the shirt throughout the year. By spending a few extra bucks on a better quality shirt, you are investing in a walking billboard that will promote your event for the next year.

Whether you want a brand name shirt, or an off-brand with similar qualities of the expensive brand names, we can get them for you.

What You Need To Know

In order for us to guide you to the right type of t-shirt and the right design, we need the following information from you.

  1. Who’s Attending? – In order to get the right shirts, we need to know the type of crowd you expect. For example, if the event was a high school senior class event, the shirt style should be completely different than if it was a snowbird event with mostly senior citizens. Younger, hip styles don’t go over well with older generations, and the sizes also don’t always translate. A medium juniors style shirt isn’t the same as a unisex medium t-shirt. We know our fabrics and we know the current styles. We are here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect shirt for your audience. The type of audience also helps determine the shirt design.
  2. What’s Your budget? – This is often determined by whether you are giving away the shirts, including them with registration, or reselling them at your event. For giveaways, you may opt for the lower priced shirt options, however, if including them with a registration or reselling them, you can completely recoup the cost. This allows you to upgrade to a premium type of shirt so the recipients will love the shirt and wear it often. We can help you find the most appropriate shirt for your budget. If you need an elaborate design, you’ll have to also factor in design charges depending on the complexity.
  3. When Is The Event? – This may seem obvious, but we have to mention it. Some blank shirt styles take longer to receive them, which can delay the production time. Additionally, creative design takes time and can’t be rushed.

Need Design Help?

No fear, if design isn’t your thing. Chances are you have a vision of what you want. We can help you create a design your guests will LOVE! We’ve been helping customers with amazing shirt designs for their events for over 23 years.

Our team of graphic designers are ready to take your shirt design concept from a sketch to a masterpiece. Since we design and print so many of the event shirts around the Fort Walton Beach and Destin area, we are in tune with the design trends that people love to wear!

Fill out the short form below for more information.

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Buy Company Shirts For A Tax Break

Get a tax write-off with Company Shirts

With the start of December, retailers and business owners have one final month to boost their sales and profits. For many businesses, the last quarter, and specifically Christmas sales during the month of December, is a critical part of annual sales. This make or break month can mean the difference between a profitable year and a non-profitable year.

One often overlooked part of business planning is taxes. Too often business owners only look at ways of reducing their taxes in hindsight rather than actively planning ways to reduce their tax liability. Strategic tax planning can help you save thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary tax liability.

Here’s The Skinny

Even if you don’t personally take your excess business profits as salary or dividends, small business owners are personally responsible for the tax on that profit.

One such way to reduce your tax liability is to wisely spend excess profits before the the end of the year. Typical smart purchases include investing in business infrastructure, new machinery, effective marketing items, and business apparel. Don’t wast money, but invest in items you will need for the new year.

The end of the year is a great time to buy company uniform shirts to make your staff look great for the upcoming new year. Not only will company shirts increase your professional look, but this year-end spend will also reduce your overall tax liability for the year, saving you hard-earned money. You can either choose not to spend your excess money on legitimate tax deductible purchases or you can instead choose to pay extra taxes on that money. We recommend buying the shirts. You worked hard all year for your money, so don’t squander it away.

At Anchor Screen Printing, we are here to help you through the process of choosing the best company shirts with high quality embroidery. Our in-house embroidery machines allow us to keep a strict quality control to deliver superior uniform shirts for your employees.

We offer many brand name polo work shirts such as Nike, Adidas, Columbia, American Apparel, and many more. For the more budget-conscious, we have many other brand names which offer excellent quality shirts mimicking the higher priced brand names, but at a cost any small business can afford.

Have Questions?

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It’s a Racing Time of Year

Wicked Triple Fun Run Race Shirts

The Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons in Florida are the ideal time for races. From 5K, 10K, half marathons, and marathons, these times of year host many foot races due to the preferable running weather. The summer season is extremely hot and has a lower number of scheduled races. Check out the list of the Upcoming Races along the Emerald Coast.

Runners (and walkers) who participate in local races have come to expect a race shirt. This not only shows their participation in the Run (or Walk), but it also supports the event. Race t-shirts are worn over and over throughout the year, and they do a fabulous job promoting your race for the next year.

Because race shirts advertise for the event, they should include a great design. A black imprint on a white t-shirt no longer cuts it. Low quality race shirts with poor designs will be thrown away or buried in the bottom of a drawer, which is a huge waste of money. In order to ensure race t-shirts are worn often after the event, opt for a good quality tee, a nice shirt color, and a professional design.

Check out a recent race shirt (pictured) we did for the Wicked Triple Fun Run. Cool, huh?

Anchor Screen Printing can help with BOTH the design and screen printing. To get started with a quote, simple fill out the short form below.

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