The Case For High Quality Event T-Shirts

Each year, we print thousands of screen printed t-shirts for festivals, 5k runs, and other large events. Many of our customers ask for the cheapest shirt in order to fit within their budget.

However, is cheaper better? We don’t think so, especially when talking about t-shirts.

Here’s Why High Quality T-shirts Are Better Than Cheap Tees

Everyone has their favorite t-shirts they wear on events and weekends. Whether going shopping or going out for a casual dinner, one of your favorite shirts often makes the cut.

But why? There are typically two main reasons why most people have favorite shirts.

  1. You love the style and fit of the shirt. This is the top reason why screen printed t-shirts are worn over and over again. It all comes down to comfort. We all want to be comfortable. You can opt for a soft, ring-spun cotton t-shirt or an even softer tri-blend t-shirt. The basic, rough cotton t-shirts are outdated and out-of-style. By spending a few extra dollars per shirt, you are investing in walking advertisements for your event or company. 
  2. You love the design on the shirt. You may love the message printed on the shirt, or you may love the art on the shirt. This is why it’s worth spending money on a great design. Yes, your logo is very cool, but alone it is most likely not cool enough. After all, most logos aren’t a beloved brand like Apple. However, even with an amazing design, if you print it on an uncomfortable and un-stylish t-shirt, you are doing your design (and company) a great disservice. The shirt won’t be worn nearly as often as it would be if it were printed on a stylish and comfortable shirt.

Most of us have quite a few of those free t-shirts we have received in the past, but we never wear them. Right now they are stuffed in the bottom of a rarely opened drawer. Why do we keep them? You never know when we need a t-shirt to wear when we repaint the house or change the oil in the car. No one will see us wearing the shirt. Therefore, the company who initially gave out the shirt is getting a much lower return on investment since others aren’t seeing the printing on the shirts. 

So next time you begin planning your big event, budget a little more for event t-shirts which will be worn over and over again. People attending your festival, run, concert, or other event are expecting comfortable t-shirts. Maybe you have to charge a few extra bucks or so for the event to cover the cost of a premium t-shirts, but it will be worth it for both you and the shirt recipients.

If you need help choosing a super-comfortable shirt, our staff at Anchor Screen Printing can help you. Our options and expertise run deep. We look forward to setting you up with a trendy style and a great design, which will help make your event more successful and result in happier customers. Let the walking billboards begin advertising for your company or event!

Below are a few cool shirts from past customers who understand the power of high quality shirts and design.



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